Tuesday, April 8, 2008

some more shots...

We wanted to share a last few pictures of our trip with you. The following help to complete our story of our trip and our time in Argentina from March 26 - April 6, 2008.

This was a trip of a lifetime for all of us... Thank you for your support, prayers, and love!

- Mark, Ali, Nicole, Alex, Lisa, Liam, Kim, Fuj (Suj), Amanda, Dono, Chloe, Garrett, Austin, Brian, Tro, Brandon, Corey, & Nathaniel

El Camino Covenant Church - Bernardo de Irygoyen, Argentina

Brian. One of the most poverty stricken families we have ever met. He captured our hearts.

The Soccer Game we went to in Rosarrio

We had to check Fuj's luggage before we left to make sure he didn't sneak this one with him back to the states.

Classic morning, afternoon, or evening with the neighborhood...

Fernando became a fan of our group and loved hanging out with us.

Construction work we completed.

Fred and Dono posing for a smile.

Walking through downtown bernardo de Irygoyen.
Really, it was this small!

Street kids near Tiagre

The boats and water in Tiagre

Lukas and Alexis leading us out of the town when we left.

Susan and Mike, we went ahead and took your family christmas card picture for you.


Nicole and Lisa in the Artisan markets

Fuj and Liam got really close on this trip...

This is downtown Buenos Aires. It has the widest street in the world...up to 22 lanes of traffic!

At the mall in Buenos Aires, they had this live nativity type thing. It was called "Santa Tierra" and I wasn't paying attention. They had people there like when you go to visit Santa Claus at Christmas time, so I just assumed that they have this photo booth to get your pictures taken with people from the Bible. After all, the name "Santa" was in the title. Well, it turns out that "Santa Tierra" means "Holy Lands" and this is a place you can visit, sort of like Disneyland, that is all Biblically themed. They were selling tickets at the mall.

Grilling meat on the streets...

Our Driver Jonathan. We grew to love him, and he grew to love us. Seeds were sown.

The Falcon. Nicole begged her dad to buy this car for their family. Mark was so glad she asked.

Visiting the cemetery called Receletta. It was unlike any cemetery any of us had ever gone to. This is where Evita was burried.

Tango Dancers in the streets downtown.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

We're leaving on a Jet Plane

We are off to the airport. Here are our last two pictures for you to enjoy!

With Tango Dancers in the La Boca neighborhood

Mark, Nicole & Ali Westlind - best hosts ever.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

last night....

Well, it is 1:30am and I am not packed yet. We had a GREAT trip. We fly all day tomorrow. Pray for great and safe travel. Pray that no one gets sick from the bug we had all week. Pray for our energy... as we are still up at 1:30pm.

We'll post more pictures on Monday afternoon when we are back from traveling and all.

Thanks for your great support for the week!



Friday, April 4, 2008

Gaucho Ranch and Friday Pictures....

Welcome to our Adventures! These are yesterday (Thursday) and this morning (Friday).

Our main prayer request is for the health of our team....
7 people have gotten pretty sick, but it last only about 24 hours, and then they are fine.
Pray for those of us who haven't gotten it yet...that we can keep up with washing our hands every 20 minutes....

This little guacho man is the one that took us on our horse ride. His family owned the Ranch.

The log with dulce de Leche.

We don't have dog walkers like this in America... yes, 9 dogs.

The Cathedral near Westlind's house in San Isidro

The central park in San Isidro we walked to

Ice Cream. One of our main themes of our trip....

Sunset at our Ranch at the pool.

If you notice, there is just a bunch of land around us with fields. We drove through more fields and scenery just like this...

Our cows and horses at our ranch


Dinner with the horses at the ranch!

Kim and Ali

More meat at the best meal EVER at the ranch...

Chilaxin at the pool. Yes, we are on Spring Break...

Alex and Brian

Lots of Frisbee

Chloe and Nicole

Amanda at the pond @ the ranch